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It was an idea born out of love.The love of Shopping for some and therapy to others. An Idea to bring together a curated shopping experience with vast collection and diversity. Giving a feeling of satisfaction like a therapy. That idea brought together our small team.

We are just starting out and far from that idea but we will get there eventually. Our motto is exactly that. We work with vendors worldwide picking out piece by piece to sum up a collection which you actually enjoy browsing and shopping. Sure, We will never be the E Commerce giants but we don't aspire to be that. We aspire to be a provider of happiness on your lazy Sunday afternoon.

We think you will love it

Free Shipping

We Believe you should only pay for what you get and thus out motto is to provide you with free shipping. And presently we offer free shipping on a minimum order of $50

Weekly offers

We know the best part of shopping are amazing deals which you just can't resist. Gear up for weekly amazing deals curated just for you.

24x7 Support

We are a small team but dedicated one at that. You can always contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours. (Can be delayed due to Covid19)

Something About us

We are a small team working part time and full time round the clock, and getting in touch with vendors worldwide, Just to bring you the best of everything.

We are yet to reach the vision of this platform and what is could become. We are launching it now under a test phase and hopefully we will be able to provide you with better experience in the future. Till then, We Would just earn your support, Love and Trust

We have everything you need

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